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About The Organization

The Family Partners of Hudson County is a system partner within New Jersey's Division of Children's System of Care, CSOC (Formerly Division of Child Behavioral Health Services-DCBHS), which is designed to help children with complex emotional, mental health or behavioral issues. The CSOC is a system of care that focuses on family strengths and utilization of community resources.

The FP-HC is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families under the Division of Children's System of Care, CSOC (Formerly Child Behavioral Health Services-DCBHS).


 Our Goals 

  • Ensure that families can access the care they need for their children right in their

       own communities.

  • Offer family-friendly assistance and responses to family's needs. 

  • Keep families together by providing parents and caregivers with the necessary resources 


Our Mission

Working in partnership with families, children and other professionals to identify strengths, needs and appropriate resources, as well as providing community-based family support, education and advocacy for families that have children with emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. 


 Our Staff 

Maria Flores - Executive Director

Cristen Lim - Coordinator
Monique Cox - Peer Support Coordinator

Alfonso Valentin - Peer Support Partner

Violet Ibrahim - Peer Support Partner

Gloria Mena - Peer Support Partner

Anthony Sanchez - Peer Support Partner

Tatiana Delgado - Peer Support Partner

Jatnna Dominguez - OOH Peer Support Partner

Melanie Ortega- Intake Specialist

Isabel Montes - Outreach Coordinator
Mayra Gomez - Youth Peer Support Partner/Youth Partnership Coach

Jorge Ortega - Family Court Advocate

 Board of Directors

Juan M Perez - Chair President
Dana White - Secretary
Narciso Castillo - Board Member


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