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Programs and Support Groups

- Mujeres Maravillosas (Spanish Speaking )
- Special Angels ( Youth on the Spectrum )
- Mom's  Helping Mom's (English Speaking)
- Youth Partnership of Hudson County

- Club de Lectura  ( Spanish Speaking)

- Hablemos con Jeffry (Spanish Speaking)

- Lest's Talk w/ Keith (English Speaking)

The Family Partners of Hudson County is a family-run organization committed to providing effective and customized support to families, caregivers and providers of children with emotional, mental and behavioral needs. Our mission is to Support, Educate and Advocate for families to become leading voices in the planning and coordination of their individual services. Through the provision of resources, a family-friendly environment and experience in navigating the “system,” our vision is to help strengthen families and our community.

Imagine a better future
for your family
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